Contemporary art finds its way to the Parister Hotel

This month's exhibition : right this way !

 Yishu 8 and the Parister Hotel are joining forces
to introduce you to artist Claire Nicolet
(Winner of the Yishu 8 Prize),
around her exhibition, “The water is never far”, showing for three months.

When the spirit of Yishu 8 meets the spirit of the Parister...

In the heart of the 09th arrondissement, Yishu 8 and the Parister Hotel are joining up to reveal artists, all winners of the Yishu 8 Prize and recognized on the emerging scene.

For this first collaboration, Yishu 8 and the Parister Hotel have chosen to show the works of Claire Nicolet. Since her three-month residency at the Beijing House of Arts, some of her works have become part of international collections. Claire Nicolet navigates between her memories of China and the place to which her heart takes her, Brittany. Her exhibition “ The Water is Never Far ” takes viewers on a journey and stirs the desire to live in a world where geographical distances are falling away.

Yishu 8

For the past ten years, Yishu 8 has stood out as a unique creative platform where the French and Chinese cultures are brought together around young artists. Yishu 8, located in Villa Medici in Beijing, aims to strengthen French-Chinese relations around art by hosting exhibitions, conferences and concerts, raising public awareness of culture and a certain art of living.

In Paris, in early 2019, Yishu 8 inaugurated “Chez Tante Martine”, a philanthropic space for conversation and artistic encounters in the intimate setting of a Paris apartment.

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